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System Monitoring

Server Monitoring.

We have our own server monitoring software that notifies us before any problems happen. In most cases, we resolve server issues without any users being affected. The server monitoring software has enabled us to establish reoccurring issues and resolve some issues that other computer companies have failed to find.

The server monitoring software is the most requested service by business customers with Microsoft servers. Together with the software, our business engineers will aim to reduce your business downtime.

Backup Monitoring.

We can install professional backup software on your server or backup system that will notify us on a daily basis as to the progress and success of your backups. We will work with you and your business to make sure that your system is backed up as regular as you would like.

Our engineers will inspect your scheduled or manual backups to make sure that all items that you specify are backed up and prompt you when either a backup has failed or a backup has not been completed for too long.