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Laptop Screen Replacement

or Repair.

The most common repair requirement for laptop computers is the repair or replacement of the screen. The screen can be cracked or broken if the laptop suffers an impact, and the result is a useless laptop. Fortunately, the screen can usually be replaced with a new one that matches the old, and your laptop can be restored to its former glory.

While desktop computer monitors traditionally use cathode ray tube displays, laptop monitors use LCD liquid crystal display) technology. There are three types: transmissive, transflective and reflective. Some laptop screens are widescreen, and others are backlit by LEDs.

Transmissive screens are the most common. A thin film transistor allows current to pass through it, lighting up the diodes. However, the backlight can be overwhelmed by bright lights or sunlight. This makes the laptop difficult to use in sunlight or in a brightly lit place such as a hospital or airport that has extremely harsh lighting. They are excellent for home use. Reflective screens are similar to transmissive screens use, except for the lack of a backlight. They are excellent for use in bright lighting or outdoors, but the screen may appear dim in average indoor lighting. They are usually slightly less expensive. These are often used in places such as doctor offices which require a large number of laptops and have bright lighting.

Transflective screens are composed in such a way that they act like a transmissive screen indoors and a reflective screen outdoors. This type of screen is the most expensive and least widely used. Manufacturers will often offer this option as a customizable option rather than mass producing laptops with reflective screens. They are usually purchased by wealthy students or high-level executives who need the portability of the dual screen action.

Widescreen laptops consist of a width that is 1.6 times its height, in contrast to traditional full screens that have a width 1.33 times its height. The widescreen aspect ratio is often chosen because it lets widescreen movies be played in full-screen mode. Most widescreens are only slightly more expensive than regular screen laptops as demand has risen.

Backlit LED screens to use LED lights to backlight the screen. These LED lights use less power (making the battery last longer) and are excellent for travel – but the laptops featuring backlit displays are generally more expensive.

If your laptop screen is broken or cracked, avoid the temptation to try and replace it yourself as this will generally void your warranty. Instead, seek out a qualified repair centre that can supply you with the correct size and type of laptop screen and install it safely for you. In rare cases, a slightly damaged laptop screen can be repaired, but in cases where the break or crack is large, replacement may be the best option.

An experienced repairperson can examine a laptop screen, identify the correct size and type, and come up with a replacement that matches perfectly. Some very old laptops may be harder to match, but a reasonable substitute can often be found.