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Laptop Repairs in Stockport

Common Reasons for Laptop Repair

Your laptop is far from indestructible; there are lots of things that can happen to it in the course of daily use and of course accidents can always happen. The following are some of the most common situations in which you may need to have your laptop repaired.

Screen Damage

If something is dropped on your laptop or your laptop itself is dropped on the floor or another hard surface, the LCD screen may become cracked. Fortunately, this is a simple replacement that can be handled quickly so you can resume use of your laptop.

Case Damage

Also prone to damage is the casing, which can also become cracked, dented or warped. Again, a replacement is usually the best option; if your laptop is fairly new this shouldn’t be a problem.

Keyboard Stickiness

If the keyboard is sticky or gummy, it can be repaired by a technician with the proper tools and restored to usefulness. Otherwise, the keyboard can be replaced.

Soaked Laptop

Nearly everyone has done it at one point or another – upended a cupful of coffee, tea or soda all over their laptop. Don’t panic – it may still be repairable! Even if it isn’t, your data will probably be recoverable.

Crashed Hard Drive

Another panic-inducing moment is the one where your hard disk crashes. Again, the odds are in favour of your data being recoverable and your laptop restorable back to factory condition.

Data Port Failure

Data ports can easily be repaired or replaced by a qualified technician. Don’t give up hope for your laptop if one or more of these cease to function – the external component can easily be replaced.

Battery Life Problems

If your battery can’t keep a charge, it can be reconditioned or replaced. You may even be able to upgrade to a more powerful battery pack that will give you a longer usage time than the original.

Computer Running Slow

There are a lot of reasons your computer could be performing sluggishly. A qualified repair center can easily identify programs causing a problem and clean up your system to perform faster and more efficiently.

Computer Freezing

Some of the same issues that make a computer run slowly can also cause it to freeze and make you keep forcing a reboot. Again, a full cleanup and defragmentation can put you back in control.

DC Jack Mangled

Sometimes you just need a power cord. Broken, cut or frayed cords can be repaired or replaced to avoid hazards.

CD and DVD Drive Jammed

Nothing is more frustrating than to have a CD or DVD you need to play and the drive keeps jamming or the disk refuses to play. Fortunately, this is usually a simple fix or replacement of the component.


This usually indicates that a fan has died or isn’t working efficiently. Fans can be replaced or cleaned and repaired. Using a cooling platform is advisable with any laptop to aid in the cooling process.