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Laptop Not Charging or DC Socket Repairs

Broken DC socket is one of most common problems with laptops. If your laptop’s DC socket is broken, you will not be able to charge your laptop battery or use your laptop on the mains.

What exactly is a laptop DC Socket?

DC socket is the most important component of your laptop in the sense that you need a fully functional DC socket to power your laptop. You will be connecting your laptop’s DC jack to this socket. You will need to connect your DC adaptor to the DC socket in your laptop and plug the DC adaptor jack to the AC power supply. When you connect the DC jack to the DC socket, it will charge your battery when your laptop is not switched on. If your laptop is switched on, it will power your laptop as well as charge your laptop’s battery. If your DC socket is broken or if it is loose, you will not be able to charge your laptop battery or power your laptop.

You may have to consider calling your computer repairs company to have a look at your laptop’s DC socket if your laptop works only on battery and does not use the AC power even when your DC jack is connected to the mains. Here your laptop will work only till your battery lasts. This calls for immediate attention because without fixing this problem you will not be able to work with your laptop.

At times, your laptop will work only when you hold your DC power plug to the socket or only when you keep the DC power plug in a particular position. This is a clear sign that there is some loose connection with your DC power socket and you will have to fix the problem immediately to power your laptop and to charge your battery without any problem.

At times, you may also notice your laptop frequently switching to your laptop battery power even when it is connected to the AC supply. This again indicates the presence of some DC socket related problem.

When you face any of the above problems, your DC power socket needs to be fixed. It can be due to loose connection or it may be broken. If it is loose connection, it needs to be fixed by re-soldering the connections. Connectivity problems could also be due to poor reinforcement problems. The DC socket may not have enough reinforcement so whenever you plug the pin, it moves or shakes leading to loose connection problems. Here the DC socket needs to be mounted properly to your laptop. If your DC socket is broken, the old socket should be removed and replaced with a new DC socket. It is important that you choose the correct model DC socket for replacement. It should match the pin in the DC jack supplied with your laptop. When your DC socket is broken or if it is facing connectivity problems, it is best to call your computer repairs company to get it fixed.