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Hosted Services.

Website Hosting

We maintain our own dedicated website servers which give our business customers both the option of our assistance with hosted support or the freedom to the administrator the system them self.

Many of our business customers find it most useful to have one point of contact for all their IT requirements. Please note that we are not designers and do not design or edit websites.

Any new customers that need a website designed can contact us and we have a portfolio of website designers that we can recommend from our existing customer experiences. We will recommend a particular website designer based on your budget and the nature of your website.

Our dedicated website servers have been fully compliant with all the demands of our new and existing customers. We can allocate more space and performance to your website account when your website grows for a fraction of what other companies charge.

Email Hosting / SMTP Connector.

Similar to our dedicated website servers we can deliver an email service to new and existing customers. If there is a specific email address you require then we have the facility to set up this email address on the same day.

Some of our customers want their emails delivered to their computer and others to their business server for security purposes. Our aim is to deliver the service that suits your business requirements.

We have the ability to give our business customers both the option of our assistance with email support or the freedom for them to administrator their own email accounts system.

SMTP Backup.

The simple mail transfer protocol backup is a solution that enables us to back up any emails that fail delivery to a customers Microsoft server. Emails are sent every minute of the day, but sometimes the recipient servers fail to receive these emails due to power cuts and broadband faults etc.

The SMTP backup will capture emails when the recipient servers are down by rerouting the emails to an active server for a later delivery. This process prevents any delayed emails from bouncing back to the sender.