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Business Services.

Onsite Support.

Onsite work (call-out) is charged at by the half hour and we do not charge any cost for travel. We charge for the time onsite only and this is calculated via the satellite tracking system that is linked to the computer engineer’s van.

Most computer companies that provide a call-out service to businesses use a chargeable service, which is rounded up to the hour, half-day or even as a full day. We have automated our call-out service to improve our own efficiency that means that our billing process is faster and more simplified, so we can charge per half hour in an effort to try and reduce the cost to the customer.

Remote Support.

Remote work is charged at the same rate as an onsite engineer as our business engineers are all equally capable. The decision to provide remote support is typically determined by the type of issue or the most efficient method to resolve an issue.

Our remote software enables us to take control of the desktop of a computer that has access to our website via a broadband connection. We have already fixed many issues on Apple and Ubuntu computers via a remote support session.

Emergancy Support.

An emergency response can be provided within 24 hours when requested by our business customers who subscribe to our support. This level of support is determined by the nature of the issue as support requests are only deemed an emergency if it seriously effects business continuity.

Example: A single computer that fails to log on to the network would only be classed as business critical if it was the only computer with the primary database on the network. If there were other computers capable of business continuity then we would agree a suitable repair turnaround that suits both the customer and us.